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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Cheri Blum who was born in Maryland on 1969 and passed away at her home in Georgetown on November 4, 2003, at the age of 34. The cause of her death was not released. We will miss her dearly.

Please don't ask me why she died, because I don't know. Even if I did I wouldn't write it as long as her family wishes not to tell so. I respect that. All we can do is to pray for Cheri and her family. Thank you for the understanding. (Cheri's Fan)

Cheri's artwork, published by Wild Apple Graphics since 1996 and licensed by Wild Apple Licensing since 1999, has been highly successful in both open edition prints and licensed products from more than 40 companies.

Perhaps Cheri's art has become so popular because of its natural elegance and its peacefulness. Calm, serene lines, simple shapes and freshly created patinas characterize her style. In Cheri's words, “My art has a classical direction, but always with a contemporary spontaneity and simplicity.”

Some of her artwork:

Cheri Blum's images grace a complete range of home decor products, from fine linens to floor coverings and serving pieces to bed and bath linens, stationery and paper products, tableware, office and decorative accessories and much more.

Some of her art in interior design:

She was an inspiration for many artists and designers, like my self, and reached many people's hearts World Wide.

Since Cheri's official website is no longer exists, I've decided to create a memorial website dedicated to her and her unforgettable artwork.
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  ~ About her self ~  (taken from interview)  

I was born in the Annapolis, Maryland area, and grew up around the Chesapeake Bay. I spent my later school years and college in Delaware. I think I have always created art. I remember even in early grade school having an affinity for drawing. I remember being fascinated by the teacher using a pencil on paper. I gathered a large collection of pens that I would work with. I have always been very tactile and have been drawn to pens, brushes and pencils.

Both my grandfathers were artists in their own way - one an aerospace draftsman in the Pentagon and the other a jeweler/engraver. When I was in grade school, I worked at a card store whose owner was an artist. She took me to my first gift show. I was like a sponge for stimuli and inspiration. I have always gravitated toward creative and unusual people.

In school my instructors encouraged me, but my first major mentor was a muralist, Liz, for whom I worked right out of school. She taught me that there were no limits or boundaries as to what I could do with art - a very valuable lesson.
I was educated in illustration at the University of Delaware. My first job was as an illustrator for a stationery company.

Early in my career, I found myself stuck in a blizzard in Washington over the holidays. To entertain myself, I removed ornaments from the tree and began painting stylized illustrations using the ornaments as inspiration. These images were among those that later launched my career.

I don't think I can easily describe my work. The influences are as varied as Italian frescoes and flowers in nature. Whatever I paint, it has to somehow seem warm, friendly, alive and from nature, but with years of ownership and appreciation. I am drawn to things that are organic, imperfect, subtle and modest.

I paint in my studio, which is an historic tenant farmer's home on the banks of the Sassafras River. I try to paint five days a week - sometimes more.
When I am painting, I mostly think about or concentrate on trying to get what's in my head onto canvas in a way that satisfies me. I try to capture the essence of what I am seeing and how that makes me feel. Sometimes I surprise myself and sometimes I fail. But it is an evolving process always. Each painting is an adventure. I am constantly stretching myself artistically.

As I paint, I love listening to music and my choices are even more eclectic than the artists who influence me. My favorites would be jazz, new age, classical guitar, folk, classical, but I particularly like John Fahey and Leo Kottke.
I seem to be influenced by flowers right now. But I plan on making a run at some different subjects in the near future - like shells and coastal scenes - as long as they are nature-oriented and organic forms.

I paint from references that can be photographic, drawings, books, real life, scraps of paper, textures, antiques, peeling paint - anything that will fit the theme that I am after at the moment.

I don't think any piece of art is ever finished. Some art ages beautifully, and 200 years later looks better than when it was first conceived. I paint until I am no longer restless and sometimes I put it away for a while and pull it out later.
Painting is just something I have to do. I can never go very long without painting. It satisfies me aesthetically and tactilely. It is a form of self-expression and opens my imagination and keeps me grounded.

For recreation I bicycle, row, read, travel, visit museums, go antiquing and canoeing. I am always looking for new techniques. Most recently, I am trying to break away from oils and move into water-based media. I am always taking classes and sharing ideas with other artists, so anything is possible.

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